About the Silverland

Silverland was built in Agerso Denmark in 1957 for the fishing industry. The construction method is carvel oak planks on oak frames and the hull has an S-shape with a straight long keel. “Silverland” is the original name and refers to rich fishing grounds, also called “Silverpit” in the English fishery.

Until 1987 the ship was active in the often turbulent European North Sea fishery. They fished for what was most in demand. The fishing gear was always converted every few years to change fish species.

After her retirement in 1987, the ship came into Dutch hands.

The S-frame is the oldest existing hull shape and offers good sailing characteristics and high seaworthiness. The Vikings already used S frames for their voyages, just like the Romans.

After 1987 Silverland was converted into a Brigantine sailing ship (in new tab)  with the starting point to sail the oceans and have guests on board.

grijs The dimensions of Silverland are 20 meters over the stems and 28 meters overall. The beam is 5.30 meters wide and the draft is 3 meters and the mast height is 24 meters. The total weight is 80 tons, also called “displacement”.

The displacement of a ship is its weight based on the amount of water its hull displaces. Now you know that the total weight of each floating object is equal to the space it takes up underwater So 80 cubic meters of space underwater in this case. And so something like 1 kilo takes 1 cubic decimeter of space under water.

A classic sailing ship with modern conveniences

The sail area is 240 square meters divided over seven sails. Flying jib, outer jib, course, upper topsail, nock staysail, main staysail, and mizzen.

The very reliable three cylinder 4 stroke Callesen 427C marine engine delivers 240 hp at 425rpm and a cruising speed of 8kn and a max speed of 10kn. Silverland is equipped with a two blade variable pitch propeller and this gives a low resistance through the water under sail.

Silverland can anchor up to 80m deep water if necessary, like outside at the surf break, but also in 3.5 meters of light blue water. Silverland is a good sailor for her class and especially with her conservative sail plan with maximum 24-hour distances of 180 miles. A really safe and very comfortable sailing ship, a real joy to sail!

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