On Board Facilities

– Current. 12 Volt, 24 Volt, 110 Volt, 220 Volt, 380 Volt There is never a lack of power and you can simply bring your own electronics and charge and use them unlimited.

– Cold and warm water: Comfortable unlimited running fresh water just like at home. 240 L. per hour water maker with 750 L. tank capacity.

– Fully equipped and spacious galley with four-burner gas cooker, electric oven, bread maker, freezer / refrigerator, washing machine, ceramic crockery and glassware (so no plastic), espresso machine for on the burner, running water and cooking wile overlooking paradise outside!

– Four meters, up to 8 persons, RIB dingy with 30pk Yamaha outboard.

– Shadow tents on fore deck, steering deck and aft deck with fine seating.

– 2, 3 and sometimes 4 G wifi in most destinations.

– Sound system with connection for your device, so bring along!

– Satellite phone for calling at sea outside normal phone range.

– Short wave radio for email at sea outside internet range.

– Complete safety equipment with fire extinguishers, high cap. water pumps, life-rafts, Epirb, Man Over Board (MOB) systems etc.


– Hammocks.

– Kayak

– 1 Cruise SUP

– Snorkel gear, glasses, flippers and leadbelt.

– Spear guns

– Twenty meters of swing from one of the yards

– Swimming ladder

– Fishing gear wile on anchor and on the way(We are good and serious with this!)

– A children’s room full of toys.

– Wake board/water ski line

– Swim/water toys

– Various fun family games

– Sound system with connection for your device, so bring along.

– Beamer/projector for a photo evening of your most beautiful actions, our trip or maybe a movie outside under the tropical starry sky.

Toys for rent and in consultation.

There’s a wide array of toys for boarders new and experienced. They are updated regularly, so if you have specific questions ask us about the latest and greatest we have on board, often for free, sometimes for rent. Our current collection:

– Wave supboard 7’11”

– Surfboard(s)

– Complete Up to date F-one kitesurfgear with twintips and wave boards. 4,6,7,9,9,10,11,12,m2. For the experienced kitesurfer only.

– Bodyboard.

– 2 x diving equipment and compressor. Only for the experienced and certified diver.

Want to ask something about your future Kite Cruise? Please contact. Or look here for your dream destination.