Silverland destinations 2020

In January 2020 Silverland will leave Thailand for South Africa and head into the Indian Ocean. Between Thailand and South Africa, it is full of super nice island groups where you can come for your super low-cost Indian Ocean Kite Surf Cruise or surf cruise.

Below you will find the most special sailing destinations and best kitesurf destinations Silverland will visit in the year 2020. All these spots are islands between Asia and South Africa in the Indian Ocean. More information about these special destinations will follow later in 2019. For now a short and simple overview. Keep a close eye on the news items, so you always know where Silverland is.

-November 2019: sailing charter Malaysia

-December 2019: sailing charter Thailand

-January 2020: Boat maintenance


– March 2020: Maldives.

Here Silverland offers sailing cruises, kite surf cruises and surf cruises the Maldives

 – May 2020: Kitecharter and surf cruise Chagos Island.

We will sail around the Chagos Islands whoah!

– June 2020: Kitesurfing charter and Rodrigues Island.

In June 2020 we plan to arrive and sail, kite and surf around Rodrigues Island

– July 2020: Kitesurfing cruise Mauritius One Eye

The world famous One Eye surf break in Mauritius, our July destination

– August 2020: Kitesurfing Cruise Reunion

Do you rather go on a kitesurfing cruise near Reunion? Well, that’s where we’ll be in August 2020.

 – September 2020: Madagascar Kitesurf Charter

Here Silverland offers sailing cruises, surf cruise, kite cruises in Madagascar

-December 2020 South Africa around Cape Town.

Back in the Atlantic Ocean and ready for a new year!

Silverland can’t accept bookings at this moment for kitesurf cruises in the Indian Ocean but as soon as they can take it will be put in the news/blog and you can subscribe to our email and we will keep you informed. Also nice to follow the journey of Marco, Marije and Mathies that way. Click here for the current offer.