What does Silverland offer you?

Be part of the Silverland World Tour and visit the very best kiteboard spots. You can sail with Silverland for a fee. This can be for a traditional-style sailing cruise, a kitesurf cruise, windsurfing and surf cruise or whatever you want to make of it yourself. (Click here for destinations) Silverland takes up to 6 guest on board and your children are welcome if that also suits the first bookers.

The prices that Silverland uses are super affordable compared to other boats of similar size that offer this type of charters. Why is that?

This is because Marco and Marije have noticed over the years that it is much more pleasant on board when everyone just does their bit. So the guests cook their own food, wash dishes, prepare breakfast and lunch. With the dingy up and down to the beach. This instead of the crew taking total care of their guests and pampering them and really have a lot of work to do. With this formula, you have the chance to do an affordable kite charter. We make your kite cruise or sailing cruise together. This way, the Silverland way, you will really be part of Silverland’s world trip and the atmosphere will be cozy, relaxed and lively.

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