How does that all work?

It works like this. It means that you or other persons from your group, after arrival on board and after a relaxed welcome drink together will bring a visit with Marco and Marije to the local markets and shops for the foraging of the sailing charter inclusive crew. The guests bear the costs. The advantage is that you can buy exactly what you like and that you can immediately taste the local culture. In addition, you immediately get the feeling how it works at Silverland and you already join in the adventure! For a long ocean crossing, for example, the crew also makes big stock-up’s and that goes the same way. The Silverland crew knows very well what basic products and quantities are needed and will, of course, help you with that.

In the places where we are usually, food costs a lot less than in your own country. If you come with the five of you, you will spend for ten days for the whole group roughly 700,- euros on normal groceries, including the petrol for the dingy. You don’t have to pay for diesel for Silverland. Depending on what you buy and where we are, this 700, – euros can be higher or lower.

On request Silverland can also be supplied before you arrive, the costs will be paid on arrival.

While you store your purchases, Marco sails out to the pre-arranged location. This can be one to six, or even more hours, depending on the planning and boarding location. The weather also plays a role. In the meantime, you can set up your cabin ( to layout), relax with a drink, enjoy the sailing and the surroundings or help to set the sails. Before you know it we drop the anchor on a perfect kite spot and within half an hour you will be on the water!


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